Challenge of the Week{ Favorite Project of 2012}

Happy New Year! It is a new year full of many crafty possibilities and I hope you will join The CSI Project on another craft challenge journey. As I look back on 2012 and all of the craft challenges, I am amazed at the talented crafters that come by each week and link up. I am so honored that you live out the mission of The CSI Project to Create. Share and Inspire! Let’s keep the creativity coming in the new year.

This year, I challenge you to step out of your crafty comfort zone and try new things. With each new challenge, if you haven’t done it, then try. I do alot of crafting that is true. I hot glue. I use mod podge. I paint but one thing I have never done is paint, free hand on canvas. I am not an artist. I have never taken an art class. So, painting on canvas seemed like a daunting task and a scary one at that. But this year, I am going to step out of my crafty comfort zone and “TRY”.

So, I did. I have a friend that likes crosses so I decided to paint a picture as a gift.

It isn’t perfect and I know “real” artists may see many flaws and be appalled but I did it. I stepped out and tried something new.


I have to say, I had so much making this. I loved blending the colors and just seeing what I could do. I simply followed my gut and went for it!!!


I am also happy to report that my friend loved it and is going to frame it soon!!! I love orignal art work even if it isn’t from a famous artist or a “real” artist even.

This year, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zones. Whether that is in your crafty life or in your personal life. As we begin this year here at The CSI Project, I want you to see your favorite project of 2012 and then we move forward. Share your favorite DIY project or craft project. Maybe it was a gift you made or a party you threw. Maybe it was an achievement that means alot to you. This past year, I shared my running challenge and goals. I am soon going to running 2 races and I continue to strive for my goals.

I cannot wait to see what YOUR favorite project of 2012 was. If you created it, believed it, achieved it, then link it up. By sharing, YOU will inspire! Also, for your crafty kids, we have craft challenges for them to at our The CSI Project KIds blog. This is a craft blog for kids and by kids.

What will you link up this week?

As always this week we will have 3 awesome tutorials for you and then the challenge is on. You know what to do!

As always, here is the schedule for the week!

This new year, I wish you joy and encourage you to step out of your craft comfort zone. We are always challenging you here at The CSI Project so come on by everyday for tutorials, challenges and encoruagement!

This year…………


I am a craft lovin', Diet coke drinkin' kind of girl! I love glitter and anything leopard print. My passions are crafting, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle and of course my family. The CSI Project believes in the mission to Create, Share and Inspire. When you create and share, you are sure to inspire! Hope you come away from The CSI Project inspired and come back anytime!!!

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