Valentine Hoop DIY
January 8, 2019
Valentine Vignette
January 9, 2019

Valentine Clock DIY

Is it Kiss O’Clock yet?

It’s Kiss O’Clock somewhere!

When you walk into Target do you just let the Target gods guide you or do you have a plan?

Most of the time, I am guided from some unknown power. Just me?

It’s actually a chalk board. Came with chalk but I had other plans.

Well, with my Valentine Vignette in mind, I found this clock that I didn’t know I needed for it, but when you let the Target inspiration hit, you just buy it!

I used the same Dollar Tree hearts that I used in other crafts for the Valentine Vignette and some paint.

This was a fast DIY to make. Even if something may not look like it works in your decor, some easy changes may just be what it needs. For $3, it was worth a try!

Be here tomorrow! The BIG Valentine Vignette reveal is up!

One more look back on this craft journey:

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Valentine Hoop DIY

If you are looking for Valentine inspiration to decorate or for a party, we hope you will feel inspired and ready to get crafting! Find your inspiration piece and run with it!!! Unless you have scissors in your hand, then never run. Safe crafting-always!

Always remember to Create.Share.Inspire!

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