Winners of the Recycle, Re-Use and Re-Purpose Challenge

And the winners are…………………

This was a fun week! I am so inspired by your creative ways to recycle, re-use and re-purpose.

Be sure to go through the links and find some inspriration for yourself.

Let’s do a 2011 flashback to see what we were re-purposing a year ago. This headband holder was from {Organized Made Fun}. She even made it with her daughter. So cute!

Our guest judge Christa from Cohesive Pieces, had the most difficult job picking the winners.

 Here is what she said about her judging experience.

Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful projects!I was amazed at everyone’s creativity and you all have significantly increasedthe length of my “Projects I want to complete” list! There are also quite a fewof you I wish I could recruit to do some carpentry and refinishing for me. Youare all certainly a talented group and I loved seeing all the different ways everyone took up this challenge. It was certainly hard to narrow my list to10, but here they are…..

Judge’s Comments are in italics.


#20 Shopping Bag to Apron from My Sister’s Suitcase

This is such a great idea! It was really hard to choose my favorite this week, but I kept coming back to this one because as soon as Ilooked over Holly’s post I wanted to stop reading and go make one. There weremany more elaborate finished projects featured here (even another great one from Holly!) and some huge remodeling & upcycling projects impressively carried out (more of those to follow) but what put this over the top for me was it’s simplicity. It’s great to be inspired but not only was this a great idea, it was a great idea thatanyone at nearly any skill level could jump in and make. You only need a small chunk or time and a dollar for materials. The finished project is not only fun for kids, it’s really practical to protect their clothes during messy art or baking projects. 



#4 Ladder- Bucket planter from Primitive and Proper

 I love this idea!It’s simple, but really makes a statement and there are all sorts of options depending on what sort of buckets you use and how you decide to paint. Now if Ican only figure out how to keep plants alive!

#11- Entertainment Center Revamp from Red Hen Home

This is such a good idea and amazingly executed. I canimagine there are a lot of these old entertainment centers around as everyone switches to flat TVs. It makes a great little work station and I really want one to organize all my sewing materials!

#44- Up-cycled Clothing from House in Holland

This project was one that really embodied the idea of the challenge.



#34- Recycled Planters from A Step in the Journey

I loved this one because it was another that used materials that would other wise just be trashed to make something beautiful. When I initially looked at these photos I thought the designs were glass etching work,but Laura Beth used Silhouette frosted vinyl. I can’t wait to try it out.

#35 Cozy Coupe Makeover from Speedy Lady

This was one of my favorite transformations! (And possiblythe most fun use of plastic paint I’ve seen.) Not only does it look brand new,it looks perfect for a little girl!

#36 Broken Blinds from Domestic Imperfection

This frame made out of blinds is really beautiful (and ifyou’ve tried to get a nice, large wooden frame you know how pricey finding a good one can be). But the added bonus is the adorable picture included in the frame. Definitely check it out!

#49 Puppet Theater from Mom 4 real

My kids would be very jealous of this creation. Amazing work.

#57  Vintage Camera Tripod from Mad in Crafts

I love everything about this project. Unlike quite a few ofthe others I chose, this isn’t something many people are going to be able toeasily replicate (unless you have a vintage tripod laying around or are a superthriftier and can find one) but, it’s a good reminder to be creative about howwe keep and display items that are important to us.  This is a family heirloom of Jessica’s—sheremembers her grandfather using it to photograph their family. Turning it intoa lamp that will always be on display in her home is a great fit for thisweek’s challenge.

#60 From Old Brass to Old Iron from Laurmela’s House

This brass chandelier went from blah to fabulous! Love the blue glass.



#43 Dollar Store Redo from Today’s Fabulous Finds


I love the paint color! I lov the burlap and flower. I love that this is a complete re-do! Oh and did I mention, I love the chalkboard!!! So divine!

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You have earned it!

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The winner(picked by

Entry #35 from Speedy Lady.

Congrats and thanks for linking up and sharing with us.

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Thank you to Christa from Cohesive Pieces for being this week’s guest judge and making those incredibly difficult picks. Being a judge is not an easy gig.

You ladies are Super, duper creative and talented.

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